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We at LEX Advertising are working very hard to try and figure out a way for college athletes to not be exploited anymore and we believe that we found a way. Astronomical amounts of paperwork is in our future and we are looking forward to breaking down barriers.

In Addition, L.E.X-Corp creator Carrlos Lyles has explained to us that he would like to hire LEX Advertising as a subsidiary to his company and we are excited about that. Being that we are both around the same place in the developmental process we are looking forward to the collaborative efforts in the future.

We have decided to just focus on college athletics being that professional sports have different rules and regulations that we are not yet familiar with. This way we can control our own market and be leaders before expanding into other areas.

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Lex Advertising is officially up and running and our key focus is to fix this NFL and NBA lockout problems. The only way to truly solve a problem is to understand where both sides are coming from and find a common ground. Our Patent Pending “LEX advantage” will be the right solution for all parties concerned. We at LEX Advertising understand the importance of Athletes and their rights. We are a company that was built by athletes for athletes.

No longer will profits be made off athletes without the proper compensation for the hard work and dedication that each and every athlete puts into their individual craft. We are here to help Athletes become the best that they can become in their given sports by providing them with tools to help reach their fan base more effectively.

More will be coming soon.

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